Wednesday, July 22, 2020

New rewilding network launched

British politicians have been talking about 'the environment' for longer as I have been politically aware, yet there has been a shocking degradation in the number and diversity of species over that period.

So new and radical thinking is needed and here the rewilding movement offers hope.

Today The Ecologist reports:
At least 300,000 acres of land could be "rewilded" in the next three years with the help of a project being launched to tackle the nature and climate crisis, its backers said.

Campaign group Rewilding Britain is launching a network later this year to support and connect people including landowners, farmers, community groups and local authorities who are rewilding land or considering doing so.

Rewilding involves the large-scale restoration of natural habitats and systems to help wildlife thrive, and can include bringing back missing species such as beavers to naturally manage the landscape.
Rewilding is a recognition of the importance of contact with the natural world to human flourishing, which is something that the environmental movement can lose sight of in its emphasis on survival.

The concept can also be applied more widely to take in the need for freedom and re-enchantment - see the Twitter account Rewild the Child for an example.

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