Wednesday, April 03, 2024

Conservative councillor's happy childhood reminiscences of swimming in sewage

This story dates from last summer, but I don't think Cllr Brian Long received the acknowledgment he deserved.

As the Eastern Daily Press reported, the Conservative addressed a meeting of West Norfolk Council that was considering Heacham, where the water has been classified as 'poor' since 2021 and bathers are urged to avoid the beach.

He said:

"When I spent my summers down at Northrepps and Cromer beach as a child, you could visibly see pipes that came out of the cliff side, staining all the way down and going straight into the sea," he said.

"Nobody was monitoring anything.

"We'd come out of the sea and have a cold shower to clean off before eating our sandwiches. I don't think anyone was harmed by it." 

I wouldn't be surprised if, at the coming election, the Tories told us that our children must learn to enjoy swimming in sewage. That's the way for them to neutralise the issue.

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