Monday, April 08, 2024

Leader of Leicester City Council Conservative group rejoins Labour only 18 months after leaving

From the Leicester Mercury:

The leader of the Conservative opposition on Leicester City Council has returned to Labour. Councillor Deepak Bajaj became the Tories' second sitting member when he defected from the Labour Group in September 2022.

At the time, he called out the Labour-run council saying it “continuously blocks support from reaching those who need it within our city". The authority needs leadership that "upholds the highest standards of democracy and honesty, and unfortunately the current administration is not that," he added.

Now, a little more than 18 months later, he has announced his return to the fold. He accused the Conservative Party both in Leicester and nationally of being “more interested in their own psychodrama” and “leaving local people to face the cost of their chaos”.

Of course, he could have been speaking the truth both 18 months and today.


nigel hunter said...

So he could REALLY join the LibDems and FIGHT for them.

nigel hunter said...

Of course, being a cynic of both Labour and Tories he could be just jumping ship to try and save his seat!

Anonymous said...

He has no principal, he go's with the wind, and plays the victim card.