Thursday, April 04, 2024

Turning Over the Pebbles: Another Mike Brearley index

They don't just have the Hallaton Helmet in Harborough Museum. Among many other things, there's a nice little exhibition about Ladybird Books and the world of work.

And in the library I found a copy of Turning Over the Pebbles, Mike Brearley's latest book, which I need to read for a thing.

A Mike Brearley book, of course, means another post here about its index. Because Brearley's habit of discussing his careers as a philosophy lecturer and psychoanalyst alongside his cricket career leads to some striking juxtapositions in the index.

There's less cricket in Turning Over the Pebbles than in previous books, but its index still still has its moments...

  • Bede, Venerable
    Bedser, Eric

  • counter-transference
    Cowdrey, Colin

  • Fletcher, Keith
    free association

  • Hendrick, Mike

  • Hume, David
    Hutton, Len

  • Locke, John
    Long, Arnold

  • pleasing others
    Pocock. Pat

  • Ramsey, Frank
    Randall, Derek

  • Snow, C.P.
    Snow, John

  • Trueman, Fred
    Trump, Donald

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