Saturday, April 27, 2024

The Joy of Six 1224

Bill Browder, in a video interview by Kyiv Post, argues that: "Putin is a little man, who has stolen too much money, who is terrified of losing power. If he loses power he will go to jail, lose his money and die."

"The learning process of having your opinions tested, being exposed to new information, or accepting there are multiple, nuanced but rational positions on many contentious issues, should be an ongoing lifelong pursuit, but if children and young people are not exposed to this approach within schools, how do we expect them to achieve this?" Claire McGuiggan and Peter D'Lima make the developmental case for free speech in schools.

A right-wing political and media ecosystem pushing a US-style anti-abortion agenda is gaining traction in the UK, says Sian Norris.

Michael Bacon found going to a child psychoanalyst four times a week for three years bad enough: reading what she wrote about him was worse. His article a powerful indictment of the harm that 'therapy' with no scientific basis can do.

"Being a gardener means learning how to care for and appreciate the little things in nature. This involves a sense of pride in your work as well as respect for the space around you – an approach you can carry into other areas of life, the environment and interpersonal relationships. Our species is more fragile than we often like to think but we have a greater chance of survival if we learn to work with nature and not try to be its master." Susie Porter on the mental health benefits of gardening.

A London Inheritance visits the Waterman's Arms on the Isle of Dogs: "The audience at the Waterman’s Arms attracted not just the locals, but also those from the West End, and a global set of celebrities from the early 1960s. Names such as Lord Delfont, George Melly, Groucho Marx, Lionel Bart, Trevor Howard, Tony Bennett, Mary Quant, Norman Hartnell, Judy Garland and Clint Eastwood (who wrote the word ‘rowdy’ in the guest book)."

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