Friday, April 05, 2024

The alternative London HS2 terminus sites that were rejected

Jago Hazzard looks at the many HS2 stations in London that might have been but weren't.

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Stan Collins said...

All of this to speed up a 19th century spider's web, network does not describe our current rail system.

If this amount of money was to be spent it would have been better spent to connect up the country's airports, rather than city centres. Airports are becoming the kind of hubs that main railway stations were in the 19th century.

Most have plenty of green space around them and fast train links woulld reduce or eliminate the need for connecting flights. Also, construction costs in dense urban areas would be avoided.

Construction should begin in the north with an east-west link from Liverpool John Lennon to Humberside. Only Leeds would struggle but it needs a new airport to the east anyway.

If there were to be a centre, ti should be at B'ham International. There should also be direct liks to the chunnel.

Just for once let's build somethign for the future not the past.