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Rhydian's grandfather saved the life of the Glamorgan cricketer Roger Davis

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You'll love this Trivial Fact of the Day, particularly if you remember county cricket from more than 50 years ago and TV talent shows from the early years of this century.

Here's Cricinfo:

Roger Davis was the fielder who nearly caught Garry Sobers during Glamorgan`s Championship match with Nottinghmashire at Swansea in 1968 when the great West Indian all-rounder became the first man in cricket history to hit six sixes in an over in first-class cricket. Davis was fielding on the long-off boundary and off the fifth ball of Malcolm Nash`s historic over, Davis caught one of Sobers` mighty blows, but in so doing, he fell over the boundary and the umpires signalled six.

Three years later, another blow almost ended Davis` life, as for a few awful moments during Glamorgan`s Championship match with Warwickshire at Cardiff in 1971, it looked as if Davis would not recover from being hit on the side of his head whilst fielding at short-leg. After being struck, Davis collapsed, went into convulsions and had to be given the kiss of life by a doctor who ran onto the ground from the member`s enclosure. Thankfully, this helped to save Davis` life and after a brief spell in hospital, he fully recovered, and by the following season, Davis had regained his place in the Glamorgan side.

And who was the doctor who saved Roger Davis's life?

An article on Wales Online reveals that it was a Dr Colin Lewis: "the grandfather of Welsh opera star Rhydian Roberts."

That's right: Rhydian off of X Factor!

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Crewe Gwyn said...

Isn't "opera star" doing rather a lot of heavy lifting there?

Jonathan Calder said...

He'll always be Rhydian off of X Factor to me.