Monday, April 08, 2024

Lib Dems were targeted too, but not a single one of us took a photo of his penis and sent it to a random stranger

It seems that people attending last autumn's Liberal Democrat Conference were targeted by a fake Grindr profile asking for political gossip.

I'm happy to report that the Lib Dems involved saw through this trick and, in particular, that not a single one of us took a photograph of his penis and sent it to a random stranger.

If only Conservative MPs could say the same.

The story is in the Express:

Attendees of the conference have revealed to the Express they were messaged by an account on the app, posing as a man in his late 20s who asked at least six activists for political intelligence about MPs.

Unlike Mr Wragg, however, many saw through the advances of the account, with one sleuth-like LibDem member discovering that while the conference was taking place on the south coast, the account was in fact sending messages from North London.

At least six conference attendees received messages from the account, which began by asking “flirty questions” before requesting “salacious gossip” about the conference, MPs and Lords.

One such question was “What’s the worst thing you’ve heard an MP has done”.

Other messages included requests for intimate photos of MPs, and claims he wanted to have sex with MPs and well-known individuals in politics including journalists.

One member has now revealed that “at least five gay men” received messages from the same account on September 23 last year, with some of those individuals receiving fourth messages up to three months later.

The account was later deleted, however screenshots from two recipients seen by this paper confirm the account sending the messages was the same.

Unlike Mr Wragg, who engaged with the advances of a mysterious individual, the young LibDem members quickly worked out that the account was unlikely to be a journalist without breaching media rules, and was more likely to be a honeytrap or malicious individual.

While concerns about the approaches were shared between members and some journalists at the time, no further action or reports to the official party machinery were made.

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Anonymous said...

It keeps my pecker up to learn that these villains didn't winkle anything out of the Lib Dems.