Thursday, April 04, 2024

The Joy of Six 1218

"He is the large container ship threatening to ram into the foundation of European security established after the Second World War - the NATO alliance. Trump was reportedly only narrowly dissuaded from pulling out of NATO during his first term in office." Alexandra Hall Hall says Baltimore’s Francis Scott Bridge is a perfect metaphor for the crisis Europe may face if Trump is re-elected.

Daniel Goyal exposes the agenda behind the rise of physician associates in the NHS.

 Annina van Neel on her fight to honour the Africans buried on St Helena: "Between 1840 and 1872, more than 25,000 enslaved Africans were brought on to St Helena from slaving voyages intercepted by the British Navy. About one-third died shortly after and were buried on the island in unmarked graves."

If we want children to spend less time online then we must make space for them in the real world, argues Gaby Hinsliff: "As a society we nag kids to get off their phones into the real world, but won’t make room for them here; we put adult convenience first, and are then surprised when children don’t flourish. The tech giants could and should do vastly more to create a healthy environment for children. But in that, they’re very much not alone."

For two and a half years, cinematic treasure hunters have made repeated trips to Brazil in search of the fabled lost, longer cut of Orson Welles's The Magnificent Ambersons, reports Ray Kelly.

The Hex Blog looks at the career of Ferenc Puskas. "In 1952, Puskas captained his country to Olympic gold in Helsinki and Gusztav Sebes’ side arrived at the 1954 FIFA World Cup undefeated in four years. Their most resounding victory came on 25 November 1953 at the 'home of football', the historic Wembley Stadium, where England had never lost to a team from outside of the British Isles. Hungary emerged emphatic 6-3 victors in a contest that would go down in history."

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Anonymous said...

I was in Budapest last year, and there's still a large mural commemorating the Wembley victory. I mentioned it to a young student who lost no time telling me all about the match and its significance.