Friday, April 26, 2024

Remember Calder Womble, Remember Calder Womble

I have learnt from my addiction to the livestream of the proceedings of the Post Office Horizon IT Inquiry that there is a transatlantic law firm called Womble Bond Dickinson.

Indeed, two of its partners are due to give evidence to the inquiry in June - I believe the firm was retained by the Post Office for a time. (No doubt someone will be on hand to whisper "Remember you're a Womble" in their ear before they take the stand.)

Naturally, I was curious about a lawyer called Womble, and the Womble Bond Dickinson site does give some of the family history in a 2016 obituary for William F. Womble, Sr. - or Bill Womble, Sr. if you knew him well.

Bill's father, and the first of the lawyer Wombles, was B.S. Womble. That's Bunyan Snipes Womble.

And Bunyan Womble had a brother, also a lawyer, called Calder.

I shall not forget Calder Womble.

Incidentally, if you follow the Womble family back through American genealogy sites, and it's surprisingly easy to do so, it seems their name was originally Wombwell.

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Crewe Gwyn said...

Ah, Wombwell. The famous menagerist from Esssex.