Friday, April 19, 2024

Doleham: The least used station in East Sussex

I came back from Hastings via Ashford and the HS2 line to St Pancras. I noticed Doleham because it was the only station between Hastings and Ashford that we didn't call at, so I decided it was time to post this video again.

Until 2005 Doleham enjoyed an hourly service in each direction. But then, until 1959 there was an even more remote station north of Doleham called Snailham Halt.

And things could be worse. I first used the Ashford to Hastings line on the way to a caravan holiday at Winchelsea Beach in 1967, and I clearly remember that there were people collecting signatures against the closure of the whole line.


Anonymous said...

The only station between Hastings and Ashford? Don't think so

Jonathan Calder said...

Thank you - now it says what I meant to say.

Tom Barney said...

It had - perhaps still has - a pre-grouping running-in board with raised letters: Doleham Halt; but the 'Doleham' was in thinner letters, a replacement for ones removed as a wartime anti-invasion measure. I suppose any invasion would be likely to have happened quite near.