Sunday, April 28, 2024

Trader Horne: Here Comes the Rain

Judy Dyble was the original female singer with Fairport Convention, but was ousted when the band met Sandy Denny.

Jackie McAuley was the keyboard player with Them and played on their most famous records - Baby, Please Don't Go, Gloria and Here Comes the Night - alongside Van Morrison.

In 1970 the two got together as Trader Horne and recorded a single album, Morning Way, which Wikipedia claims "has reached legendary status and it is considered one of the lost gems of the 1960s", though someone has added 'by whom?' and 'citation needed' afterwards.

Here Comes the Rain is not on the album but is the second of two singles that Trader Horne released.

According to Wikipedia:

The band was named after DJ John Peel's nanny, Florence Horne, nicknamed "Trader" in reference to explorer Trader Horn.

I suppose there should have been a Nineties band called Tiggy Legge-Bourke.

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tonyhill said...

Pleasant, but over-produced and not using Judy Dyble's voice to best effect.