Wednesday, July 18, 2007

£10m Tory donor "deluded and insane"

This morning's Sun reports:
A mentally ill tycoon left his £10million fortune to the Tories so they could save him from a “Satanic plot”, a court heard yesterday.

Branislav Kostic gave the staggering donation — a Conservative Party record — in his will after suffering psychiatric delusions for 20 years.

Kostic, who died aged 80 in 2005, sent letters to ex-PM Margaret Thatcher and top Tories asking for help to battle “dark forces” trying to kill him.

But his family are now fighting to get the cash back in the High Court.
The Daily Mail, which rates the donation at only £8m, adds:
He willed his money to the Tories after stating that Margaret Thatcher was "the greatest leader of the free world in history" and that she would save the world from the "satanic monsters and freaks" who were conspiring against him.
He also wrote to David Mellor, which clinches it as far as I am concerned.

Thanks to ConservativeHome.

Later. The Guardian has the most detailed report.

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Anonymous said...

I agree, that anybody who donates the Tories £10m must be deluded and insane.