Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The Alastair Campbell Diaries

I caught only a few minutes of The Alastair Campbell Diaries on BBC1 this evening, but it was enough.

The section I saw dealt with Labour's 1997 election victory and the footage of Tony Blair being greeted by adoring crowds as he entered Downing Street was shown again. Campbell did not say that they were all Labour Party workers who had been bussed in. There was no narrative voice to say so either.

Earlier today Iain Dale wrote:
The BBC, in its infinite wisdom, has paid a production company several hundred thousand of your licence fee payer pounds to make a three part puff for Campbell's diaries. Apparently, all it consists of is Campbell reading out extracts of his book. There are no interviews, no contextualisation, no analysis - nothing apart from Campbell reading out his book.
It seems he was right. Maybe Tim Ireland has the best idea.

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