Saturday, July 14, 2007

Tony Lit: Labour donor to Tory candidate

From the Daily Telegraph website this evening:

The Tory candidate in a key by-election is a Labour donor who posed just weeks ago for photographs at a fundraiser with Tony Blair, it can be revealed.

Tony Lit, 34, the wealthy head of an Asian radio station, became a member of the Conservative Party only days before he was unveiled as their surprise choice to fight the vacant seat of Ealing Southall later this week.

As they paraded him on June 28, Tory campaigners hailed Mr Lit as the perfect candidate, with good looks and charm and a high profile in the west London constituency, where they hoped he could secure a massive coup by routing Labour from the safe seat.

But it has now emerged that, just a week earlier, he donated £4,800 to the Labour Party and attended a glittering Labour fundraising dinner at the Riverbank Plaza on London's Albert Embankment.

I suppose you could just about mount a defence along he lines that he was representing his company at the Labour dinner. But you would need a heart of stone not to laugh at this.

Photo stolen from Tom Watson.

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