Thursday, July 19, 2007

Tory hypocrisy over defecting councillors

In Ealing Southall the Conservatives have been crowing about the Labour councillors who have defected to them from Labour. No one has mentioned those councillors resigning to fight by-elections because they have changed party.

Oddly enough, the Tories take a different view when someone defects from the Conservative Party.

Nick Yates was elected as a Tory councillor for Brighouse on Calderdale Council. He resigned the Conservative whip several months ago to become an Independent, and yesterday it was announced that he was joining the Liberal Democrats.

How did his former colleagues react? You guessed it.

The Yorkshire Post reports:
Coun David Ginley (Warley) said: "I don't understand why people have the impertinence to stand under one colour and then defect.

"I think he should stand under his new colours.

"I always thought he was a man of principle and I am surprised that he doesn't want to. I think we ought to have a by-election. Unfortunately I think Nick is a lost cause.''

Coun Grenville Horsfall (Skircoat) added: "It's ridiculous isn't it. He was elected on a Conservative ticket and in my mind he should carry on. Everyone is up in arms about it. The electorate elected him as a Tory and he should respect that.''
OK, so Tory councillors seldom represent the intellectual flower of our nation, but the hypocrisy of this is still enough to make you blink.

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Anonymous said...

Well, to be fair to them, it's the second time it has happened to them so they are getting a bit upset with it. At least Nick spent a couple of years voting in their group first. Their previous defector resigned from the group just days after being re-elected as a Tory before going off to join the English Democrats.