Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The Summer of British Film

Great news. The BBC is about to start a season of classic British films. As its website says:

Each week starts with British Film Forever, a seven-part series presented by Jessica Stevenson (Shaun Of The Dead) examining British film by genre. Featuring over 200 exclusive interviews with leading actors and directors including Sir Michael Caine, Sir Anthony Hopkins and Kate Winslet.

To complement British Film Forever, BBC TWO is dedicating its schedule to the nation's finest films by screening around 70 British films.

There is also a full listing of films being shown.


David said...

Thanks for pointing this out. I note that Hayley Mills turns up at least twice. I particularly liked the following summary which doesn't give away the ending:
Title: Gandhi
An Indian lawyer aids the cause of civil rights for Indian immigrants in South Africa by advocating a policy of non-violent protest.

Jonathan Calder said...

I've added a picture of Hayley Mills just for you.

The Pink Hat said...

I've spotted three - had expected to see a fourth (The Family Way) but it's not on the list.