Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Harry Potter is the Devil and Daniel Radcliffe is a porn star

Not my views, you understand, but those of the blog Hidden Ireland.

Some choice quotations:
On the 20th of July children will be taken from their loving homes, by their parents, at 12 o'clock midnight to take place in a satanic ritual. These otherwise normal people have lost all sense when it comes to the phenomenon that is Harry Potter.

Further sad proof of the terrible “Potter” effect is the decline of the young star who played Potter, Daniel Radcliffe, into little more than a porn star and a laughing stock. Radcliffe is now playing a part in the West End onstage where he appears naked before a live audience and simulates a sex act on top of a horse.

Parents seriously need to avoid letting their innocent children be taken in by the demonic and alluring world of Harry Potter. Of course it seems charming, it would hardly have worked quite so well if Potter had actually appeared as the Devil himself, but it is dangerous. Let the fate of its main star, poor Daniel Radcliffe be a warning.
I know it sounds like a parody, but it appears to be for real.

Mind you, Hidden Ireland is right about the CentreForum call for school classes on Saturdays for poor children:
Crush the dammed “think tank”, crush CentreForum, crush the schools, crush the state but do not crush the child. Do not take his Saturday away.


hechizos said...

Don't we all? It's a one in a million chance meeting him in person, so don't get too hopeful, but if it's supposed to happen, it will!
I wrote him a fan letter a couple years back and I got an autographed photo. =]

Mochr said...

Oui on a fait de dan radcliffe une stars du porno ! Oui Je ai de la peine pour lui.