Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Lembit: Lord Bonkers first with the news

Back in May, Lord Bonkers revealed that Lembit Opik was living, not just with Gabriela, but with several members of her family:
“Have you met Gabriela?” he asks. “And this is Monica, her sister. And this is their mother Margit. This is Margit’s cousin Florian. And this is Florian’s great uncle Dmitri and some of his sons. And their families. And I am not sure who those others are."
Other sources are only just beginning to catch up with this story. Digital Spy reports:
Lib Dem MP Lembit Opik has been forced to welcome Gabriela Irimia's twin sister into his home.

The politician was thrilled when fiancée Gabriela agreed to move in to his country cottage in Montgomeryshire, Wales. However, her mother Margit became concerned that Gabriela's sister Monica would be lonely without her - so Lembit has now decorated the spare room so that both Cheeky Girls can stay with him.

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