Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Ali Miraj: A different angle

The BBC reports that Ali Miraj has been dropped from the party's list of potential parliamentary candidates following his attack on David Cameron.

It is easy to sympathise with him, particularly as his charge that Cameron is obsessed with PR is clearly justified.

But Eaten by Missionaries, which comes to you from Watford where Ali Miraj was the Tory candidate last time, casts a different light on the affair:
This latest outburst doesn’t surprise me much. Although many of those Watfordians who met him during the last general election campaign testified that he was charming and articulate, others who spoke to him at any length on policy issues seemed to consider him lightweight.

When under pressure he emerged as both extremely sensitive to criticism from opponents and unable to accept that if he attacked political opponents (the Lib Dems mainly), he could hardly complain if he met a response in kind.

The odd thing is that he clearly believed that after a disappointing result for the Conservatives in Watford – finishing third when elsewhere in Hertfordshire they were gaining seats from Labour – he should be a shoo-in for a safe seat. Or even a peerage.

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