Sunday, July 15, 2007

Iain Dale: Not the best source on the Lib Dems

Today Iain Dale has a story headed: Tories to Sue LibDems Over Ealing Leaflet.

But then he has also said...

A friend of mine from Yeovil was at a business lunch over the weekend and David Laws defecting to the Tories was the talk of the lunch.

The spectre of jailed fraudster Michael Brown has returned to haunt the LibDems, who, according to Scotland on Sunday may not only have to repay the £2.4 million they took from him, but may also face a £2.4 million fine from the Electoral Commission.

The Conservatives alleged that the LibDems have been illegally paying residents, through a corrupt prize draw system, to display their posters. The LibDems are accused or organising a £50 draw for a poster seen in a window and £250 when that poster is on a stake outside a home. Apparently in the first week of a by-election campaign their payouts are deliberately very generous with numerous winners. Word then spreads and everyone wants a LibDem poster up in the hope of cashing in. The only problem is that the practice is explicitly illegal.
To be fair, he did comment as follows on this last story:
I have to say I have never heard of this particular practice. There must be some rather compelling evidence for Grant Shapps to make this direct accusation.
Unfortunately, that evidence, compelling or otherwise, has not been forthcoming on his blog.

So if you can hear your teacups rattling, it is probably not Ming Campbell shaking in his shoes after reading Iain's latest story.

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Anonymous said...

And amusingly, Iain illustrates his story claiming the Lib Dems are to be sued for using a image without permission with a scan of a Tory leaflet that uses William Hill bookmakers trademark logo.....

Now, I'm sure William Hill must have been approached for permission to use that logo don't you think?