Saturday, September 29, 2007

The 53rd best political blog in Britain

Iain Dale has posted his list of the top 500 political blogs in Britain, as voted for by the readers of his blog. The list is taken from Iain Dale's Guide to Political Blogging in the UK 2007.

When Iain published the first (much slimmer) edition last year he ranked the blogs himself and Liberal England was ranked at no. 30. This time it is no. 53.

As Iain was kind enough to name me as the third most underrated political blog in Britain recently, this is actually rather higher than I thought this blog would appear.

He mounts a spirited defence, but I do think this is where Iain's trick of gracefully riding two horses at once - being both a Conservative polemicist and the arbiter of all things related to political blogging in Britain - begins to fall apart.

For wouldn't you expect the readers of a right-wing blog to vote for other right-wing blogs in a poll like this? As Iain says, out of the Top 20, 14 of the blogs are on the right and only two are on the left.

Still, as far as I can see I am the second Lib Dem Blog in the list. Norfolk Blogger, who rather oddly failed to get a nomination in any category in the party's own awards, is ranked at an impressive no. 17. Though how proud we should be of being the most popular Lib Dem blogs with Tory readers is an interesting point for discussion.

Reader's voice: Would you have gone on like this if you had done better than no. 3o this time?

Liberal England replies: I'd love to answer that, but I am afraid I have run out of pixels.


Nich Starling said...

As you know, I rate you blog very highly. Not only do you write well, but your posts are reasoned and well thought out.

You deserve a higher place. I might start championing you on my blog.

Paul Linford said...

You know what I think.