Monday, September 24, 2007

Iain Dale names Liberal England as No. 1 Lib Dem blog

On Monday Iain Dale is publishing his Guide to Political Blogging in the UK for 2007. It includes a list of the 100 top Liberal Democrat blogs, as chosen by a panel of Lib Dem bloggers.

And Liberal England is number one in the list.

Iain writes:
Jonathan writes the Lord Bonkers column in Liberal Democrat News, but he is anything but bonkers himself! His blog carries a mixture of Lib Dem commentary, general political comment and a few personal observations thrown in for good measure. He deserves his pole position.
In fact, Lord Bonkers' Diary appears in Liberator and my House Points column in Liberal Democrat News. But thanks very much all the same. Thanks also to whoever it was who served on the panel.

Iain has some interesting things to say about several other Lib Dem blogs too. His top 10 is:

1 Liberal England
2 A Liberal Goes A Long Way
3 Quaequam Blog!
4 LibDem Voice
5 Peter Black
6 Liberal Burblings
7 Millennium Dome Elephant
8 Cicero's Songs
9 Andy Mayer
10 Love & Liberty

The full list runs to 100.


Richard Gadsden said...

It's Quaequam Blog!, not Quaequam.

Mr Eugenides said...


But, "Liberator"? Doesn't that sound just a bit too much like "Stormfront" for liberal tastes?...

Jonathan Calder said...

Richard: I have changed it, but you really need to complain to Iain.

Mr E: Thanks. Er, no.

Paul Linford said...

A well-deserved accolade.