Sunday, September 16, 2007

A photograph of L.T. Hobhouse

Bill Jones - otherwise known as The Skipper - has a photograph of L.T. Hobhouse. He's the one on the left of the front row with the splendid dark moustache.

He rather reminds me of a young Lord Bonkers.


Anonymous said...

Actually, doesn't he look even more like the Professor played by David Baddiel in the Mary Whitehouse Experience's 'History Today' Sketch ("That's you, that is")?

Anonymous said...

Apologies, Jonathan, I think we are talking about opposite ends of the row - you mean the rright as sat, not as viewed, correct? In which case I see your point (and hope that you see mine!)

Jonathan Calder said...

I've changed it to "left of the front row", as that is the conventional way of doing things.

Skipper talks about Hobhouse being on C. P. Scott's right, which got me thinking that way round.