Monday, September 24, 2007

Lord Bonkers' Diary: Menzies Campbell and Jeffrey Archer

Liberator 321 was on sale at the Lib Dem Conference and many subscribers will have picked up their copy from the magazine's stall. Those who were not in Brighton will receive theirs in the post in a few days.

It is therefore time to begin passing on his lordship's thoughts and adventures to readers of this blog.


One of the finest sights I have ever seen upon the athletic track is the young Menzies Campbell. Like a Greek god, albeit one clad in singlet, shorts and plimsolls, he bestrode the cinders of the White City.

His continued victories there were particularly impressive, for he frequently competed against Jeffrey Archer, who was known for his uncanny ability to anticipate the starter’s pistol – often by several seconds. Once Archer hid a bicycle in the long jump pit and set off riding it, but Campbell still overhauled him.

Is it any wonder that when the future Liberal Leader wed the lovely Elspeth it was widely remarked that the fastest white man in the world had married the fastest woman?

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