Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Lord Bonkers' Diary: Playing scrabble with cows

The outbreak of foot and mouth disease earlier in the summer made it impossible to send any livestock to market, with the result that I had to keep all mine indoors. (‘It’s an ill-wind…’ as a ewe remarked to me with mordant wit.)

Obviously, one has to keep the beasts occupied somehow, and my first thought was to encourage them to read improving books; but then I discovered that a copy of Animal Farm was circulating amongst them, whereupon I decided that board games and jigsaws might be a safer bet.

I have to say that playing Scrabble with cows is of limited interest – unless they have an M and a couple of Os in their hand they are generally baffled – but I did lose a game of draughts to one. I still maintain, however, that it moved one of its pieces out of turn whilst I was away from the board recharging my glass of Auld Johnston.

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