Sunday, September 16, 2007

Ming meets the bloggers

I am in Brighton and have just taken part in Ming Campbell's "Meet the Bloggers" session. This was essentially a press conferences with the five people shortlisted for the Lib Dem Blog of the year award.

I shall write it up shortly, but there are no startling revelations to report and we bloggers behaved much like any other journalists would.

Still, it is good that the party is making the effort to connect with bloggers and it is clear that they read us closely at Cowley Street - even if nobody else does.

Thanks to Ming's official site for the photo.


dreamingspire said...

7 people in the not very clear photo. Ming, 5 bloggers, and who? Lord Bonkers along for the ride?

Anonymous said...

Dreamingspire, according to Ming's website the seventh person is Mark Webster who chaired the session.