Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Lord Bonkers' Diary: A shark in Staines Reservoir

I gather from my friends in the Green Liberal Democrats that this summer’s rain is the strongest possible evidence for global warming, just as last summer’s drought was. Indeed our predicament is now so great that it is impossible to conceive of anything that would not be strong evidence for the existence of global warming.

Disappointing though the weather has been, it has not prevented the hardier holidaymakers thronging the beaches of Rutland Water. I myself insisted that the Well-Behaved Orphans’ swimming gala went ahead and was there in a warm woollen coat to cheer them on.

Some disquiet was expressed when a photograph of a great white shark in those very same waters was published in the more sensational newspapers, but I was quick to reassure everyone that there was no need to worry and that they should continue bathing, surfing and so forth. My instincts were proved right when a naughty prankster admitted that he had taken the picture at Staines Reservoir.

Back to Monday and Tuesday.

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