Saturday, September 08, 2007

Iain Dale loves Mark Oaten's book

It seems that our new historian has at least one admirer. Iain Dale writes:

Mark Oaten has a truly superb new book out on Monday called Coalition. It's a history of coalition making since 1850 and it has a fascinating chapter looking forward to the next election.

I interviewed Mark about his book earlier in the week ... and was struck by how he had slowly become disenchanted with the whole concept of coalitions during the writing of the book. However, the book -and his article in yesterday's Times - leaves little doubt about which party he hopes the Lib Dems go into coalition with if they're given the chance.

It is somehow typical of our Mr Oaten to be at once a principled opponent of coalitions and an advocate of Tory/Lib Dem coalition after the next election.

Iain's posting gives a link to a recording of the interview he mentions. Mark Oaten's Times article is here and you can buy Coalition here.

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