Sunday, September 16, 2007

Chris Huhne: An innocent explanation

Last week the Guardian's Backbencher got excited about the fact that Chris Huhne's photograph appears on the cover of Reinventing the State:
And who is the ordinary Lib Dem worker and peasant featured taking part in a demo on the front cover? Though the photo has been artily bleached, it looks a bit like Chris Huhne MP, the runner-up for Sir Ming's job last time. Were the Ming Dynasty to crumble soon, he might still be in with a shout.
A party insider assures me that there is an Innocent explanation. The designer, a political innocent, chose the photograph because he liked it. He had no idea of who the people it shows were.

Ah, but he would say that, wouldn't he?

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Anonymous said...

An explanation that might have carried more weight if David Howarth had not been in charge of Chris' leadership campaign...