Saturday, September 08, 2007

Carry On Camping anticipates Harry Potter

I think I have discovered a key creative influence on J.K. Rowling.

I have just come in, turned the TV on and found Carry On Camping is showing. The wonderful Betty Marsden is playing a character called Harriet Potter. And she has been sharing a tent with a Mr Muggins, played by Charles Hawtrey.


"Matron, take them away."


Anonymous said...

So glad to see that we weren't the only ones to see this correlation! A little too coincidental, don't you think?

TCB said...

I saw this too and had to google it to see if it was actually an influence! This was the only reference I could find

Sammyx85 said...

i saw this too. she plays a character called Harriet potter but refers to herself as harry potter for coincidental for me.

BobFish said...

Don't forget Mrs Haggard.