Thursday, September 27, 2007

Lord Bonkers' Diary: A cake for Nelson Mandela

To Parliament Square for the unveiling of a statue of my old friend Nelson Mandela. I first met him when, as an aspiring young lawyer in Johannesburg, he helped me after my scheme to import zebra meat into Britain had led to a series of unfortunate misunderstanding with the South African authorities. (The Bonkers Zebraburger did not prove the success that I had hoped, but in the course of our work with the stripy beasts my business associates and I did invent the barcode reader, which was later to revolutionise British retailing.)

I was impressed by Mandela’s eloquence and followed his career thereafter. Chatting to him after the ceremony this afternoon, I am sad to learn that the cake containing a file that I had sent to Robben Island never reached his cell.

Back to Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

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