Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Cases on wheels

I went off to a conference in Manchester on Monday, taking with me some important materials that had been left behind. To carry them, I borrowed one on those cases on wheels from the office.

The result is that I spent two days feeling like a losing contestant on The Apprentice.

I did not quite master the art of stopping abruptly to pull up the handle when I got off the train, but I am sure that with a bit more practice I could have made the person behind me trip over.

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Niles said...

Heh :)

A friend of mine is a barrister and uses these things to transport masses of paper to court.

A few years ago, he thought his case was getting heavier, and assumed there was more paper to transport.

After a few weeks of struggling he looked at the workings of the bag to discover the wheels had broken off completely without him noticing.

He never was particularly mechanically minded.