Friday, June 26, 2009

Leicester Curve pays tribute to Michael Jackson's "heart stopping" music

Earlier today Curve, Leicester's new arts centre, was promoting its forthcoming Michael Jackson 51 show as a "high energy tribute show to Michael Jackson jam-packed with heart stopping music".

I wonder why they changed it?

See the Google cache if you don't believe me.

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wolfi said...

That's cool, man!

On the other hand almost every forum has some discussion now on MJs death, even the Trabant-forum (you remember that quaint 2-stroke car from east germany ?)...

PS: I am not only a big fan of Steve Winwood, but also of your blog. By the way, someone should fill those 50 spots in the RAH, what about Steve and Eric Clapton after their US tour. Can't you arrange something, I mean, you're a politician !