Sunday, June 14, 2009

Spencer Davis Group: Keep on Running

Last week I gave you Millie, Chris Blackwell's first hit in Britain. That gives me the excuse to feature the next act he signed. Yes, it's Spencer Davis Group time again.

"Keep on Running" reached number 1 in the British charts in January 1966, when the band's lead singer and guitarist (and Hammond organ player) Steve Winwood was 17.

This is a live version from the following year, recorded just before the Spencer Davis Group split.
Thanks to the subtitles, I can reveal that the Finnish for "keep on running" is senkun juokset.

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Anonymous said...

Steve and Eric Clapton are touring the USA right now - so we are still hoping that they'll do a tour of Europe later this year together.

Stev on his own will be touring Europe this july and august, so i'm planning on seeing him in Germany.

Kep up the good work!