Wednesday, June 03, 2009

The June Wikio rankings

As promised earlier, here are June's Wikio rankings for all blogs. (I see that The Wardman Wire has already posted the new top 30 for the Politics category.)

The big news is that Labourlist has broken into the top four (which has been unchanged for months), aided by a surprisingly large fall for ConservativeHome's ToryDiary.

The other story is that political blogs continue to dominate this list to an extraordinary extent - so much so that I have only bothered adding the category of the blog below when it is not listed under Politics.

Why is this?

Sure, we political bloggers like to argue with each other and compliment each other, but don't other bloggers do that too?

Perhaps branding yourself as a blog supporting a particular party gives you a ready-made constituency of interest. But then, though Guido is certainly a Tory, he does not sell himself as a Conservative Party blogger.

As for we Liberal Democrats, Lib Dem Voice maintains its impressive ranking, while James Graham and I fly the flag for individual Lib Dem bloggers by breaking into the psychologically important top 35.

Anyway, here is the list.

1 (1) Iain Dale's Diary
2 (2) Guido Fawkes
3 (3) Liberal Conspiracy
4 (5) Labourlist
5 (6)
6 (10) Dizzy Thinks
7 (7) Liberal Democrat Voice
8 (4) ConservativeHome's ToryDiary
9 (8) Labourhome
10 (14) Old Holborn
11 (11) imran.ali [Technology]
12 (9) Harry's Place
13 (19) Telegraph Blogs - Daniel Hannan
14 (13) The Devil's Kitchen
15 (12) Blah! Blah! Technology [Technology]
16 (21) Tory Bear
17 (15) Bloggerheads
18 (23) Mr Eugenides
19 (16) Bad Science [General]
20 (38)
21 (26) Tom Harris MP
22 (17) John Redwood's Diary
23 (18) Chicken Yoghurt
24 (20) normblog [General]
25 (27) Craig Murray
26 (22) Stumbling and Mumbling
27 (30) Obnoxio The Clown
28 (25) Tim Worstall
29 (24) Archbishop Cranmer
30 (34) Nick Robinson's Newslog
31 (32) EU Referendum
32 (29) The Wardman Wire
33 (35) Liberal England
34 (28) Next Left
35 (42) Quaequam Blog!


Anonymous said...

Given tht wikio have calculated their new rankings, why aren't they on the website?

The sensible think to do, surely, would be to have the website auto-update with them.

James said...

Not sure why you regard normblog as "General" rather than political. Most of his postings appear to be political with the occasional foray into music or sport.

Jonathan Calder said...

Because that is how Wikio categorises it.

James said...

Fair enough. I should have read the post more carefully...

James Graham (Quaequam Blog!) said...

I am delighted to be in the psychologically important top 35. Almost as delighted as I was when I was in the psychologically important top 42.