Wednesday, June 03, 2009

The Hallaton Treasure

Sounds good, doesn't it?

From today's Leicester Mercury:

One of the most important hoards of Roman era coins ever unearthed is to be named after the village where it was found.

More than 5,500 silver and gold coins and a ceremonial cavalry helmet found in 2003 will now be known as the Hallaton Treasure.

Previously, experts were anxious to disguise the location of the find to stop trophy hunters plundering the area and damaging the site.

However, museum authorities now believe the threat to the site is so small they have decided to rename the south Leicestershire hoard after the village near Market Harborough.

It means Hallaton will now be known for something else apart from the historic bottle-kicking event each Easter Monday.

Regular readers will know all about the Hallaton bottle kicking.

The Mercury goes on to say that the treasure will be displayed at the Harborough Museum, with a smaller exhibition at Hallaton Museum.

Every village should have its own museum.

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David said...

Don't tell Eddie Grundy.