Sunday, June 28, 2009

Creation: That's How Strong My Love Is

A few months ago I bought a couple of DVDs at a record fair in Leicester. They contained performances by British bands from the 1960s German television show "Beat Beat Beat". And most of them have found their way on to Youtube if you look.

This is one of the best of those performances.

Creation were a highly regarded group of the period who never quite found the success they deserved.

And they were innovative too. Kenny Pickett, the singer here, would paint canvasses with aerosol paint during their stage show and then set fire to them. Eddie Phillips was using a violin bow on his guitar before Jimmy Page (or Nigel Tufnell).

Pickett did eventually achieve chart succes: he was the co-writer of Clive Dunn's no. 1 single "Grandad".

But I prefer this one.

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