Monday, June 29, 2009

Hot weather is good news for the vineyards of Market Harborough

Today's Leicester Mercury says:

Vineyard owners are keeping their fingers crossed for a bumper crop in the county this year following forecasts of a hot summer.

Wet summers in the past two years have seen some vineyards producing only a quarter of their best crop – or less.

Now, owners say the recent hot spells mixed with wet weather have produced excellent growing conditions.

It goes on to report:
David Bates, who has run Welland Valley Vineyard, at Marston Trussell, near Market Harborough, for 20 years, said: "The portents are there for a good crop, but you never count your chickens."
Welland Valley Vineyard has its own website, but I can't see where the chickens come into it.

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HE Elsom said...

Might Chateau Bonkers produce a few cases?