Friday, June 19, 2009

The Duckworth Lewis Method

An album of songs about cricket by Neil Hannon from The Divine Comedy? That's too good to be true.

But it is true. Spin magazine reports:

Hannon has collaborated with Tom Walsh of fellow (but less well-known) sprightly Dublin popsters Pugwash on a project called ‘The Duckworth Lewis Method.’ And it is rather good: 12 genuinely good tunes that just happen to be about surreal cricketing topics.

There’s a song from the point of view of Mike Gatting as he faces up to Shane Warne’s Ball of the Century (’Jiggery Pokery’); there’s a song about going on the hippy trail to Pakistan in a Camper Van with the express intent of meeting Javed Miandad (’Meeting Mr Miandad’); while ‘The Age of Revolution’ seems to cover former Empire countries beating England at their own game and the upsurge of pyjama cricket: “Always denied entry by the English gentry/now we’re driving Bentleys and playing Twenty20.”

There is a website devoted to the album and a full review on Airstrip One.


Hywel said...

Does this mean Half-Man Half-Biscuit will only have written the second best song about a spin bowler :-)

Haribo said...

An acquaintance mentioned this a couple of weeks ago. Looks splendid.