Thursday, June 11, 2009

Mitchell's Fold: Shropshire's stone circle

Photo by Sabine J Hutchinson

On Wedndesday the Guardian included a circular route based on this Shropshire stone circle in its guided walks supplement.

The paper chose a remarkably strenuous route, including an ascent of Corndon Hill, and nowhere do they mention the possibility of plummeting down an abandoned mineshaft.

And trust the Guardian to say the Mitchell's Fold is in Powys when it is, in fact, in England and Shropshire.

Still, enjoy.

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James Dowden said...

And trust the Guardian to do this with such a weird part of the border, which included at least one parish (Church Stoke/ Yr Ystog) straddling the border until 1869. Or maybe they think that all of Chirbury Hundred should be in Wales...