Sunday, June 21, 2009

Eddie & The Hot Rods: Do Anything You Wanna Do

In Shropshire last week I kept seeing posters for a gig by Eddie and the Hot Rods. Looking at the band's website, it must have been for the one in Worthen back in May.

Worthen is a village to the west of the Stiperstones, right on the border with Wales. It is obviously a good place for music: I know someone who put on a concert by Peter Green, the founder of Fleetwood Mac, there a few years ago.

Anyway, this from 1977 is Eddie and the Hot Rods' finest hour. They manage to squeeze an awful lot of melody into a three-minute single - too much for the punk ethos of the day.

Still, it's a great record. At least, I thought it was when I was 17. Only later do you realise that most people cannot do anything they wanna do.


Duncan Borrowman said...

I saw them at the Marquee in their week long residency the week before Reading '77 and then at Reading. When the Island Story came out about 15 years ago I bought the vinyl version because this track was not on the CD. I recently bought a compilation CD of theirs. Superb stuff. The lyrics to this track were an anthem to angry youth in the late 70s recession. I sang along with passion!

Macheath said...

This track appears on the excellent collection 'Sounds of the Suburbs' one of the best sing-along-in-the-car-(but-not-when-your-kids-are-with-you) CDs I own.