Friday, June 19, 2009

Nick Clegg interviewed in Norwich Evening News

The Liberal Democrat leader was in Norwich last night for a question and answer session with a public audience:

Mr Clegg spoke for about 90 minutes and took about 30 questions from the audience ranging from withdrawal from the European Union to how to prevent another financial crisis.

The biggest cheer came when Mr Clegg responded to a question from a man who called for the nationalisation of the city's rail and bus service.

Mr Clegg said that “50pc of train journeys” he had travelled on from Norwich to London had been delayed, while Norman Lamb, Lib Dem MP for North Norfolk, who chaired the meeting, suggested he had been lucky.

Mr Clegg called for both services to be brought back into public control, but warned of the costs of renegotiating the contracts to do it.

He was also interviewed by the Norwich Evening News.

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