Thursday, July 02, 2009

Iain Dale and political morailty

Iain Dale has written the Commons Confidential column in this week's New Statesman. I don't know what the magazine's readers will make of his mundane Tory views, but after Kevin Maguire anyone would read like Proust.

There is one oddity. Iain positions himself as an arbiter of political morality - in Norwich North particularly:
I was up in my old stomping ground of Norwich at the weekend, sniffing the by-election air. The Lib Dems had achieved the remarkable feat on the same day of writing to the Tory candidate, Chloe Smith, saying they wanted a good clean campaign and, in the next breath, smearing the Green candidate, Rupert Read, as an “extremist”. How did they get a reputation as the nice guys of British politics?
This is the same Iain Dale who is still happily accusing the Lib Dem candidate, April Pond, of "whoring herself across Norfolk" on his blog.


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