Sunday, September 13, 2009

Arts Fresco: Marching ants and motorised nuns

Today was Arts Fresco day in Market Harborough. It brought thousands of people into the town, helping local businesses at a difficult time and reminding me how the town has changed since I moved here in 1973.

If some of the acts are art then so was my impersonation of Lord Bonkers at the Lib Dem Conference back in 1997. I should offer to take part next year. Still, it was all great fun.

And I did meet the chair of the organisng board, who turned out be to be someone I acted as agent for in a local by-election 20 or so years ago.

Here are some of the highlights...

These are the SuperEuros. I was not entirely sure of the point they were making:

This is Musical Ruth:

Her electrically powered piano plays a mean Hallelujah Chorus and has a surprising turn of speed:

Gordon the Cycling Panda and assistant:

Big Rory - "Quite possibly," says the programme, "the world's best solo stilt act":

This the Tavaziva Dance Company performing "My Friend Robert", which "asks how an inspirational African leader, adored by his people, can descend into the horrors of corruption, violence, disease and economic meltdown":

One of the Slinkies making her way to another performance:

This the Bureau of Silly Ideas presenting "The Hole Job":

The slightly scary Elementals:

And the magnificent Ant Orkezdra:

One of the things the Conservatives have done since taking control of Harborough District is get rid of its artistic development office. So I don't know whether we shall see more festivals like this in the town in future years.

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