Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Wikio Top Lib Dem Blogs, September 2009

In recent months - July and August are good examples - Charlotte Gore has got into the habit of extracting the Lib Dem blogs from Wikio's top 100 politics blogs and publishing the list.

As she has come over all coy this time, it falls to me to give the rankings for September. The same 14 blogs feature as in August, but there has been quite a bit of movement even so:

1 (5) Liberal Democrat VoiceNon Mover
2 (13) Mark ReckonsClimbs 4
3 (14) Charlotte GoreClimbs 7
4 (29) Liberal EnglandClimbs 4
5 (32) Liberal VisionClimbs 29
6 (33) Himmelgarten CafeFalls 1
7 (38) Quaequam Blog!Non Mover
8 (52) Stephen's Linlithgow JournalClimbs 16
9 (54) Peter BlackFalls 4
10 (61)Caron’s MusingsClimbs 15
11 (67)People’s Republic of Mortimer Falls 8
12 (78)Lynne FeatherstoneClimbs 12
13 (86)Liberal BureaucracyClimbs 5
14 (89)Miss S B (Jennie Rigg)Falls 14

As Young Mr Grace would put it, you've all done very well.

PS: Does anyone know how to do a nice neat table in Blogger?


Nich Starling said...

And although I am listed on Wikio and was reanked 37 overall last month, I don't score on the political chart. Any clues as to why this is ?

Jonathan Calder said...

You need to ask Dan the Wikio man to sort your listing out:

He is very obliging.

Stephen Glenn said...

I really must slap Mr Calder about at Bouremouth for putting my apostrophe and s after the wrong word for the possesive. Again!

Jonathan Calder said...

I shan't be in Bournemouth so you'd have to come to Market Harborough.

I could be ungallant and say I just copied your blog name from Charlotte's posting last month, but I won't.

Stu said...

If you can use raw HTML in Blogger, here's what to paste in to make your table neater:

If you can't use HTML in Blogger, well I'm really not entirely certain what you should do.

Hope that helps :-)

Jonathan Calder said...


Many thanks!

Matt Wardman said...

I put it into a spreadsheet and use a big huge formula at the end to generate html.

Works a treat once set up.

You just have to remember to use "" to generate a double quote in Excel and a ' in Open Office.

And start small :-)

Stephen Glenn said...

Thatnks for the correction, I trust the trip to Market Harborough with the silly foam hand will now not be required. :)