Saturday, September 26, 2009

Down at the old Pump and Tap

I went to the Pump & Tap this lunchtime. It is the pub in Duns Lane, Leicester, that is threatened with demolition, along with the Bowstring Bridge, so that De Montfort University can build a swimming pool.

Fancyapint? describes it well:

Pump & Tap is a down-to-earth and refreshingly normal pub a very short walk from the trendiness of the Braunstone Gate area. There are two separate bars, decorated in a shabby and accidentally mismatched style; in the smaller of the two rooms an old fireplace sits at odds with the (not very comfortable) garden chairs we sat in. The larger bar is more lively and plays host to big screen footy action, along with live music and there is usually a mixed, genial crowd in attendance.

Three real ales keep the beery people happy, while the back garden is a useful refuge for the smokers, who can hide under the impressive railway arch which forms the back part of the open space.

The picture above shows this unique beer garden.

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