Sunday, September 27, 2009

Labour politicians: Welcome to the world you made

Baroness Scotland is fined £5000 for failing to keep proper documentation while employing a cleaner from overseas. Peter Mandelson is refused entry to the Labour Conference because of a problem with his security pass.

They had better get used to it. If Labour loses the next election a lot of politicians are going to get a rude introduction to the world they have made over the past 12 years.

Life as a former MP can be hard. And policies you supported when your party was in the ascendancy can seem less attractive when they suddenly apply to you. A lot of Tories who were defeated in 1979 found that the post-Thatcherite emphasis on competition and efficiency did them few favours now they were hunting for a job.

And next year a lot of former Labour MPs may not enjoy running up against the surveillance state they have voted into existence.

Baroness Scotland. Peter Mandelson. Now all we need is for two Labour MPs to be threatened with prosecution for looking after each other children.

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