Sunday, September 27, 2009

Satan's Harvest

I promised a review of Satan's Harvest and it was every bit as bad as I expected.

Tough guy Cutter Murdock (George Montgomery) inherits the family estate in South Africa, only to find it is being used to produce illegal drugs on an industrial scale. He spends most of the film more or less successfully dodging attempts to kill or otherwise him.

He is aided by Tippi Hedren - I fear her career went from The Birds to this turkey.

The only reason I rented this was that I was intrigued to discover that Matt Monro had acted in a film. But you wonder why he bothered, because he did not have much of a part. He played a baboon wrangler and was apparently provided to provide light relief.

He manages no more than chubby amiability. The effect is rather like Ricky Gervais turning up in a violent episode of Wild at Heart.

It turns out you can watch Satan's Harvest online. But I shouldn't bother.

The disc - Matt at the Movies - also contains a film of Monro singing. When Roy Castle turned up to sing, dance and play the trumpet I grasped the arguments in favour of allowing assisted suicide.

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