Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Old St Pancras Church

I have shown you Sir John Soane's mausoleum and The Hardy Tree in it its churchyard. Here is Old St Pancras itself. It is an oddly rural looking building for such an urban setting.

When I arrived there were people coming and going. I thought I was going to achieve my ambition of getting inside to have a look.

But when I reached the door there was a handwritten note saying: "PRIVATE BOOKING TODAY. THE CHURCH IS NOT OPEN TO VISITORS". If I were a believer I would be quite offended by that.

I did consider faking a spiritual crisis to gain admission - "I need an altar and I need it now" - but thought better of it.

It turns out that the church will be open this weekend as part of the London Open House Weekend. I don't know if I will get there as there is the attraction of the reopening of Harborough Museum on Saturday.

But I'll get inside Old St Pancras one day. Even if I have to do something extreme like go to Divine Service.

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